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What I have is a 81 Courier that I purchased from U-Haul about 12 years ago. It was built with a box onit and I liked courier but the frame is real bad rusted. If possible I would like to traansfer the Box onto another 81 Courier. The box is about 7 feet long inside so I'm guessing that the Courier had a (7) seven foot frame.

  Anyway what it comes down to is "yes'. I may be interested in butying a complete truck if I can get one at a good price, and of course in good condition. We all have enough to do without rebuilding another truck.

  I have my original 2.3 still in my Courier, and it runs real good. U-haul put extra helper leaf springs on the rear, and a few other upgrades to make it a good little truck.

  I guess they all came with the six bolt wheels. I'm driving a Ranger now , but It is nothing compared to the Courier. Ranger has same engine. Courier had four speed tranny. Ranger has five speed. I prefer the ranger for power.


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