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[b]Klause, it's not a "story", unfortunatly, it is [i]FACT![/i]I worked for Mazda for several years, and they would scrap obsolete parts! Even whole cars!

I was in Jacksonville FLA at the Mazda facilities there, and they had about 150 brand new 1981 model vehicles that had "salt damage" from their trip across the Pacific. We couldn't even get a steering wheel off one of the cars! Every one of those cars went to the crusher!

My friend did mange to get into the lot with the "damaged" cars. He took every fuse, and fusible link he could get from every car he could! (His pockets looked like chipmunk cheeks they were so full of stuff.) He said if we couldn't get anything off them, then they were going to have to work to crush them!

When Mazda moved the facilities from JAX, they sent tons of new parts to the crushers!

Believe me, it really happened!

Rotor [/b]


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