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One lot consisting of,
5 trucks 3,74;1,75;1,77 colors are yellow,yellow,red white and white over what was yellow.
all need new engines
3 engines " core matrial"however they all have outboard components.
2 5sp rib case trannys
3 shop manuals 74&75
2 repu brochures
1 radiator w/shroud o/h condition
1 extra reactor
1 extra inst panel
1 extra center panel w/"classic AM radio
1 extra back window
1 extra fron bumper
1 extra grill
1 fiberglass shell on the 77
I have no pictures presently and no sale where I will be required to smog, all have CA title (not salvage)
one lot only, their is a reserve price, but where you gonna get all this in one place!!!!!


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