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[quote]Anyone here familier with alcohol? (you know what I mean)

I know that the basics in order to run alcohol are the carb jets or injectors need to be larger. But my question is about how bad its emissions are compared to gasoline. Anyone know? Without really knowing very much about it, my first guess would be that it might actually burn cleaner and allow you to pass emissions better. I think the timing also needs to be advanced some as well.[/quote]

if set up right alcohol should be cleaner. around here(Nebraska, land of endless cornfields) we have ethanol-gasoline blend fuel at alot of gas stations. Here there are plenty of company fleet vehicles that run on 85% ethanol with the little green "earth friendly" emblems. So emmissions wise it should be cleaner, of course they are computer controlled fuel injected. Not knowing all the emmisions regulations in CA, if you run ethanol, or other alternative fuel, you may not be subjected to a "sniffer" type test????


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