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[quote]Here's the deal:

I have a decent '74 Repu that is in need of an engine overhaul (lots of smoke).

I would love to retain the original 4-port 13B, so here's the first few questions:

-Should I attempt to rebuild what I have?
[b]Sure, why not! If you wanna keep it original, rebuild what ya got. You can still get the parts, and it's not that hard to do if you are so inclined! [/b]

-Find a used one (but where?)?.
[b]Hard to find them these days. [/b]

-Buy a rebuilt version (from whom?)?
[b]Go that route, I'd go with a Mazda rebuild. Although some of the aftermarket rotary builders don't do too bad. [/b]

Or would it be more practical to put a 6-port in it?
-What's generally involved in a swap?
[b]6 port is a fairly straight swap. All you need is an adapter for the 4 port manifold to 6 port engine. Or you can use the D'ellorto/weber conversion. [/b]

-Retain the carb or retrofit it for F.I.?
[b]See above. FI would be neat, but requires a good bit of work. [/b]

-What's the difference in hp/torque?
[b]My guess would be fairly little. FI big advantage is driveability and fuel economy. [/b]

I realize this is a big list of questions, so any or all questions answered will be appreciated.



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