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yah! The T2 conversion is nearing completion. We fired her up last weekend... We were able to drive it around, however we noticed extreme fuel starvation. Looking at the gas tank, we saw the whole bottom caved up a good 2-3 inches... all the way from front to back. Without looking into the tank, I don't know where the pickup is, but what my guess is that the pickup is pushed up, and bent, resting on the botton of the tank. The crap in the tank is floating around and blocking it under the pull of the gas into the pickup.

My options right now are
1. wait until monday to take it down to a repair shop and have it fixed.

2. make a new pickup using the drain plug as the new hole.

So, I need to have the most informed decision: what is the size of the drain plug, how does the fuel get picked up from the tank. I need this info fast, so thanks in advanced!


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