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need some help from the repu family regarding smog.

it's great that we got the repu, and een better that we got it running so quickly and cleanly in just 2 days.

problem, now comes time for registration n smog, for CA. Any tips, I've been told that if we use a header (cause stock exhaust manifold n gaskets are shot) might not pass visual on our 77 repu, plus if we use a cat, it might jack up how the stock carb operates because it was manufactured to run w/out a cat. But I know, as clean as its running w/ no smoke out of the exhaust, it will not pass w/ out a cat to clean up a bit.

I really wanna be able to drive it to sevenstock, but first the smog n registration. To be honest, I'm scared of bringing it in and getting the infamous gross polluter title n really get screwed w/ test only centers, n then they'll never pass it. any advice?


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