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Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 13:17:39 PDT

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Ok, try this out. I have a 76 Cosmo with an automatic. I am certain this is the same unit as the autos that came in the Repu. I know for a fact the 5speeds are the same. When I get home tonite, I'll check the specs and see if the ratios are the same in the auto's.
I'd be willing to trade you straight across, however there are a couple of "catches".
Firstly, I'm not able to pull the tranny right now - probably next spring.
Secondly, while the tranny works and shifts thru all gears, it is leaking oil and ought to be rebuilt.
I realize this might not work for you, but give it some thought and email me back. I'd sure be willing to think about some other options or ideas.


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