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--but I, for one, would ask you to reconsider, and keep a blue one blue. You can always do a white one, too--but since your motor's in, and stripping out the cab & re-doing it is a time consumer, why not spare the headache and make it less obviously two different colors? Sure, white is best for hiding any flaws, but I'm sure you're not gonna paint over anything undone anyway... White will show dirt immediately; blue is a "cool" color, psychologically speaking... And, I think blue will go over better with the crowds at sevenstock--just a guess on my part--if that matters to you at all. Then there's potential resale value down the road...
Of course, the best paintwork would involve pulling all the glass, and replacing all the weatherstripping... I've inquired as to the 'best' type of paint to go over the stock stuff with...it was suggested to me that a urethane such as 'Imron' would be good, and durable... What are your thoughts? (I'm gonna keep my green one green.) Oh yeah, keep that stock hood intact! You can always cut up a courier hood for the scoop! (It's only about the edge trim , right?)


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