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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 15:15:47 PDT

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 Here is what I am going to have to do in order to convert my REPU over to automatic.
 F and R auto 13b counterweights
 Auto flexplate
 Auto tranny assembly w linkage & converter
 Automatic brake pedal.

 The variable for me is going to be the location of the tranny crossmember. At this time I plan on using the 84-85 Auto w/overdrive from a 7.
 I am still pondering whether to hang a cooler for the tranny externally aft of the oil cooler or have the radiator integrated tranny cooler tanks the way it is stock.
 The only thing I have not checked is to see if the drive shaft will be proper length. Since I don't know the length of the 7 tranny yet.
Its not anything I can't have modified. But screw together would be ideal.

 One thing I am going to do is have the stall speed on my converter changed to a higher stall. Say about 2200 somehere? It will totally change the way it takes off from a dead stop or towing.


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