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sorry for the lack of terminology regarding auto trans. names..........but wqhat is a 3spd jatco trans.? is it the one in a 74 rx4 wagon stock, or is this custom? don't need a racer autotrans, just a strong enough one to handle about 250hp and 230 torque, give or take. if custom how much would this cost me?

lastly, thinking about a limited slip for the rear, what will work fr the easiest bolt-on job........1st gen gsl, gsl-se rear lmtd slip, or 89-91 gtu, turbo rear?

        really appreciate all the input and help rotary enthusiasts!!!!!!you're advice and counsel is invaluable to me. helping me eliminate trial n error and not making some previously made mistakes twice. hope te meet n greet n thank some of you personally at seven stock.

                      rotarypwrd, tomas


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