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..I'm not Mr. experience, but , yes, there are tools--everything from the flywheel nut puller/wrench, to proper calipers and dial indicators w./ magnetic base, to a truly straight straightedge, not to mention a proper engine stand adapter. It's my understanding that careful and thorough cleaning, inspection, and measuring are key. Also, if your side housings need reworked, they must be lapped to the proper surface, not ground! Various sources indicate vaseline is their choice for holding all the seals in place during dis/assembly. It appears to be crucial all seals & springs are retained in their proper places. Bear in mind some springs need to not be put in backwards! Other good background info might be one of the Racing Beat 'catalog & technical' manuals--not to mention a genuine Mazda factory shop manual--even if it's not for the exact motor you've got. I'd get all the manuals possible, then cross-reference. I'd aslso take my time--being in a hurry never helps. Best of luck!


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