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[b]First thing, Tom, don't use the stock "peanut butter" bolts. Get some good grade hardware for this job!

Next, if the drums haven't been off in awhile, after removing the drum bolts, spray the hub and lug studs with penetrating oil. Let it set a few hours, or more if possible.

Back the brake adjusters off to ensure that the shoes won;t hang in any ridge that may be in the drum. The try to remove the drum with the new better bolts, but don't tighten them too much! After putting pressure on the bolts, take a big hammer and rap the wheel mounting surface on the drum. If that doesn't work, tourque the bolts a little more, and repeat the rapping!

If it still deosn't work, break out the torch and heat the mounting flange. While hot, repeat the tightening and rapping procedure.

If that still doesn't work, break out the plastic explosives!!!!!! ;-) [/b]


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