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Yes, you do. Good luck with the REPU and everything else!

I installed a DLIDFIS kit in my Cosmo yesterday. It works perfectly and I was finally able to time it correctly as well. If any of you have an REPU with AC, the compressor sits on a cast iron bracket on the plug side of the engine (not the intake/exhaust side). I'm not sure if any REPUs ever had power steering, but if they did, they'd probably use the same bracket from the same parts bin over at Mazda to keep prices low.

Anyway, this bracket was not designed with the '81-'85 electronic dizzies in mind. The Leading ignitor is in the way and the dizzy cannot be rotated far enough to set the timing correctly. I think the '80 style would have worked, but for better future-proofing, I chose to go with the '81-'85 type. This was back in '98. I decided to relocate the ignitor near the coils. It didn't really work out very well because I couldn't get the filed-down quick disconnects to fit inside the pickup connector very well. I guess it's good that it didn't work because the heat sink I had planned on using wouldn't have been big enough anyway. I still had the right idea though.

Then in '99 I decided to use my Dremel to grind and grind and grind and it still wasn't enough. It would have taken me several more hours than it already did do I just put the ignitor back on the dizzy and left it alone while working on other projects. It would run alright, but not as well as it could if the timing could be set correctly.

Then in '00 I hooked up SLIDIFS and it worked even better thanks to the dual Leading sparks (or, wasted sparks). The ignitor was still on the dizzy, and the timing was still off, but it ran better.

Now in '02 just yesterday I finally hooked up DLIDIFS and it's running great! I also solved the quick disconnects into the connector problem as well. Before yesterday it sounded like I had rotor knock or something. It must have been bad timing and possibly the weak spark of SLIDFIS. Well, whatever it was, DLIDFIS cured all that.

You can see the little ignitor plate I cut and drilled here: [url]http://www.geocities.com/cd23c/ignition.html[/url] (scroll down to the Cosmo section). Yes, it's now finished. Gotta update my webpage when I upload my latest pics.


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