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I kill the ignition with a switch as well as the fuel. I kind of like the fact that a thief would try to steal it but would be crankin for days wondering why it doesn't start after hacking my ignition...As I walk up to him with my...well you know and proceed to extract him out of the truck...real nice like. Of course if level one does not work then level two is a (fill in the blank) and he's really not going to get many ideas after that.

 My ignition is for the starter for now and when that dies, I guess a push button is the only replacement. I hate Mazda wiring! I have not yet had one mazda that I did not have to rewire to my specs...and I have had way too many. Reminds me of my little mini.

I would also think about a club or something to lock the wheel...

Don't forget also that the thieves also drive tow trucks! This is popular in the VW world, at least in the bay area. needless to say the vdub owners around here are always paranoid.


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