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[quote]So has anybody decided they are taking their REPU's to sevenstock? I have my hotel room, time off from work and everything. Just have a few things I need to get done on it before I commit to driving the REPU. As it stands I am about 90% committed to driving the REPU the 400 miles each way to Irvine. speaking of long drives in the REPU, anybody have a recommendation for a cheap radio that will actually fit withough any modifications to the dash?[/quote]

i sold a radio that would fit earlier this year for $20 on partstrader.com. My '80 Rx7 had one of those mini chassis radios in it. it was the same size as the original opening on my REPU. My REPU console is already butchered, and the Rx7 is gonna be a racer, so i didn't need it. The guy i sold it to was putting it in a mazda b1800 if i recall correctly, so they must have the same size radio. In the short time left, probably best option is a little boom-box and a 12v adapter.


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