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Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 06:10:29 PDT

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Just how late a model b-series are we talking here?

Right now I have to decide between a REPU and a king cab b-series. There just aren't that many REPUs east of the Mississippi it seems. Unfortunately I need one that's pretty much all there and reliable. My seven needs to be decommissioned for some work and I need that reliable second vehicle for getting to work, the bank, the junkyard, etc. (In the order most likely :)

I figure if I wind up with a king-cab b-series then I can always drop a 13bt in it after my 7 comes back out from under surgery. Granted it won't be a REPU, but I'm beginning to give up on finding one :( I don't mind paying more for someone else's TLC or rebuild as long as its in good shape. I would have paid the $2,800 for hte FI green one on Ebay but it would have cost me another grand to get it to Florida. Yikes!


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