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without that six-pac, Wankel Dreams! Funky '70's pinstripe job, too! Quite the odd beige paint, tho... like a 1980 VW color. Those mirrors, besides rusting, seem to stress the door funny too, quite often, anyways... something about the lack of support for that style of mounting within the door? Then cracks start to appear...
I've also heard rumors of REPU's with one small round, or small rectangular mirror on the driver's side... but I've never seen one like that. I like the 'factory' towing mirrors, like in the brochure... my blue one had those. Not exactly what you'd call streamlined, tho...
If you're liking the zip of no heavy canopy, W.D., you should try losing the back bumper for a while--that saves you some weight! Then just drop your rear tire psi to about 28, and see how fast it really winds up... of course, you might want a bit wider rubber, too...
But as to the topic: sounds like that green truck has garnered quite a lot of attention...


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