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arrrggghhh!!!! absolutely NOT! i would never defile a rotary vehicle with a boinger.

besides, if i was drop the lt1 into a truck, i would pick something easier to do. like an s10.

but, no. i am gonna fix up the repu. i am going to try to keep it looking stock. sleeper. it already has aluminum wheels. i might drop it, and it will definetly get a new motor. i'll just have to see how much money i can save b4 the motor blows. no doubt, a new motor is high dollar. i might end up doing as much as possible myself. i saw mazdatrix sells plates to do porting with. i might go and buy a t2 or something. i think that's a LITTLE cheaper than buying new, plus i get fi and turbo. but after i buy comp and wiring harness, maybe the same price.

i dunno. sigh. i keep buying these project cars. the orignal reason i bought the lt1 was to swap into my 88 conquest (therefore my siggy). so i sent a grand of to a guy in va for a swap kit. oil pan, oil pump, headers, engine crossmember. he gave me the oil pan and pump. he still has the rest. this was like 5 months ago, so we called the cops and filed "theft by appropriation" charges on him. ( just a little tip, if you sell something over state lines and don't deliver, that's a federal offense). so now i have no car, and a 2000 dollar motor rotting on my porch. and a car with no motor.

now i'm buying another fixxer.

i need to win the lottery.



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