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If all goes well, the truck will be smogged and registered by the end of next week, painted in 3 weeks, and at SevenStock5 at the end of Sept!

Here are the Photos


I'm repainting the grill the a dark grey, with the black background as seen here.

Here is the massive driveshaft... may not look like much in this photo, but i'm used to 3rd gen driveshafts... damn this thing is big, long and heavy! No way will this break!


Engine compartment with most of the wires done, still left to do is alternator, and some sensors.


Mounted these on the side, they look great, stock looking, almost!

I'm pollishing/brushing the UIM and TB, think I'll take out the 2ndary butterflies.

Here she is in the current state. In the backgroun is Harry Neives, the mad rotary man himself. You can also see the drivshaft near him, it's almost as tall as he is!


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