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Generally, without another, immediate, closer inspection: dirty over white paint, over the old original white...and some bondo in places. Newer windshield w./ newer-style rubber; no rust visible around there. Main bondo I recall (not my doing!) driver's side rear fender flare--obvious due to original line not maintained. Also the front fender(s) have some--I need to go look closely again-- and there's a bit on the driver's side cab btwn. door and bed. Main rust issues along outer edges of floor in cab, back of front wheel wells-door sills. Only un-previously-repaired dent: rocker panel below driver's door--door unaffected.
  This REPU could be restored to a fairly nice condition...but it would never be 'perfect'. If you live in a rust-intensive environment, and do not wish to sacrifice a better example, perhaps this would be a good body to restore 'to a point', and then just drive... overall, the bed and the hood are better than the cab and the front fenders...
  If you're still interested, I can try to clean it and take some pix; this may take me a while since I have lots on my plate right now, and don't own a digital camera...but I'll see what I can do. Let me know... Thanks! --K.


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