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Hey thanks Klaus. Last year we had a NW get together. Of course it wasent REPU specific, actualy there werent any REPUs there. But We had it in Wenatchee WA. We had people come from oregon and from ID and some even came from canada. There was a pretty good turn out, we had like 20 cars there which isn't bad. Any ways held it during the towns "apple blossom festval" which is basically a big party but it was really fun. I also have 2 Rx-3'S, one of them is a really rusty 77SP and the other is a blue 76 that is not currently running but has an engine in it but it needs some work on the breaks befor it will be driveable. What kind of other rotary vehicles do you guys have?

PS. Klaus we should really get a very large NW rotary meet planned for next spring or something. We need to find somewhere that is really centralized. I wonder if Boise ID would be good that way we could pull people from all over???



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