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I can vouch for this problem. Every connector in your old Mazda should be taken apart, cleaned and reconnected.
I ran into this problem when I rebuilt my Rx-2. I found almost every connector with some degree of corrosion. I cleaned them all with Q-tips and Wd-40, then put a bit of anti-seize coumpound on all. All sorts of little, odd electrical problems, Radio noise, etc. disappeared.
One thing you really should change is the headlight circuit. In my case, this overheated the connectors to the extent that the plastic had melted and welded itself together. I put the headlights on relays, and the heating in the Ign. switch was gone. The other trick (if you really want to get into it), is to re-wire the alternator circuit between the battery and to the fuse block using some of this #8 flexible wire used for hi power audio amps - looks cool too! I have wiring diagrams for the Rx-2, 4, Cosmo, and all years Repu's. Write me if I can send you anything.


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