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[b]Permatex has a product called Extend that works pretty good to kill rust. I'd start with a wire brush to remove loose rust, then treat the rust with Naval Jelly. After that has been cleaned and rinsed out, treat the rust with the Extend, then paint it with a good primer. You can get etching primer from a good auto body supply house. Rust-oleum would be my second choice. Then repaint the floor using a good quality automotive enamel, or urethane paint. The bedliner spary should be applied after the paint cures.

The Guru hit on the answer again. The seam sealer dries up and shrinks, allowing water to seep in the seams. I used 3M spray undercoating on the firewall, making sure to get it into the corners on the horizontal part of the firewall. I've had no leaks since I did this to my 325,000+ mile 75 REPU. You can also get seam sealer, but it is harder to apply, as it doesn't come in spray cans, and is tough to get into the hidden corners with a caulking gun. [/b]


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