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I had a buddy that did put later model B series vented rotors on his REPU. He swapped the entire spindle/brake assembly to his REPU. He did have to mount the right sppindle on the left side, and vice-versa. He said it stopped great, and drove fine, but I wonder about the steering geometry of such a swap. I'd think it might do funny things to bump steer, roll steer and Ackerman.

I suppose you might be able to modify some vented brake rotors to the stock REPU hubs, but haven't really pursued this avenue. I've found the brakes to be adequate for the truck, being able to stop the REPU loaded to the gills with tool boxes, spare tranny, floor jacks and other equipment, and pulling the race car trailer with 10 tires/wheels, and a GT-3 RX-3 roadrace car.

BTW, the REPU is not a 3/4 ton rated truck, but rather a 5/8 ton truck, if I'm not mistaken.


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