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...but we can all guess how this happened...some idiot ruined the motor and it burned too much oil, I bet... Now, I love my old rotaries--don't get me wrong, this does sicken my heart--but there IS something to be said for zero-emissions... this individual simply needs to be educated about what's appropriate and what's not. That kinda conversion can (obviously) be done to just about ANY chassis--not a 16,000-or fewer-ever-made rarity. Why don't we find him a B-series truck to trade/swap out his electric car crap into, so we can take that beautiful 'ol bod off his hands??? While we're at it, someone better explain to him that the wankel rotary is an ideal candidate for such enviro-friendlier conversions as propane or hydrogen... and to remember that all that electricity came at great expense from somewhere, too... possibly a nuclear or coal-fired pollution plant. That ought make 'em think!


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