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Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 08:43:26 PDT

Try the local's the same hardware as on the B1600 and Ford
Courier. There outta be plenty of them around!


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> Well I finally got me a spare, I just need to check it out and make sure it
> actually fits. Got a wheel at Discount Tire but haven't verifyed it yet,
> hopefully they got the right one. I also got some taller tires, now I am
> riding on 195/75 R 14 and they are just a bit too big. I get some good
> rubbing when I crank the wheel but they are alot better for highway driving
> and don't seem to track the ruts in the road as much. One step closer to
> driving the REPU to sevenstock! Now if I could just find the hardware to
> mount my spare up under the bed...

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