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Klaus: What did you mean by "where are the early ones hiding" ? You may have missed it but Mine is a 74(all stock at 37k). So i guess we have good stock examples of teh earliest and the late model. But any ways i hear you when you say they want to be drives hard. I drive a red 74 every day that is street ported, and i drive that really hard. I am only 19 years old so trust me when i say i take it out and have some fun with it, hehe. I have raced quite a few hondas and some other imports and the truck does really well. They are geared so low and it hooks up surprisingly well that it pulls hard of the line and takes most of the NA hondas. With the street port motor it makes more pwr on the high end also, It used to redline and not pull past 110 mph, with the newere motor i built for it last year it pulls pretty hard to a 100 and then slowly past redline up to about 125 and then its spinning so fast with the 4 speed that its about raedy to blow so then i back off, but it surprises a lot of people.



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