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Many people remember the small pickups of the 1970's. Pickups like the Chevy LUV, Ford Courier, Toyota and Datsun pickups... but did you know that Mazda made a unique Rotary Powered pickup?! Yes. Known as the Rotary PickUp, or REPU (Pronounced: Rhee-Phoo) for short, this pickup ran circles around the competition. With short gears, and a torquie 1.3 L 13b, the truck was by far the fastest in its class. The limited number of REPUs imported into the US makes the value much more than the others of this same era.

With a gross payload capacity of 1400 lbs, not only could you haul a bunch of stuff around, you could just plain haul ass! The 2 rotor 13b 4-port engine gave more grunt than the 1.1 liter 12a. With a rear axle ratio of 4.625, the truck can fly, but that did limit the top speed. The steering system is a ball and nut, nothing special, but it does have an independent wishbone type front suspension with coil spring and shock. The rears are what you'd expect for a 70's truck, a semi-elliptic lead spring with shocks. The front brakes were disc, while the rear were drums.

The main goal of this site is to finally have a place to unite owners of these unique vehicles, share tips, trade parts, and just chat about these unique trucks. Make sure you take a look at the REPU Forum/BBS and Join our email list and chat about these unique trucks!

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