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[quote]talk to Chris @ checkpoint engineering, I believe they're close to sacramento california. he's done some work w/ cameron (petit racing) helping tune his 3rd gen for proracing.

he's got the sweetest REPU and setup I will ever see.
basics: repu w/ TII setup @ 280 hp @ the wheels
        about 30mpg hwy over 20mpg city
        passes smog extra clean
        has 3, yes I said 3 front sway bars (saw them myself @ laguna seca. custom, but may do a run if demand and $$$ is right).

rotarypwrd, tomas[/quote]


Not that don't BELIEVE it, I just want to know how the hell he did it.

You don't make HP w/o fuel and air, and I've not actually seen an N/A get that sort of mileage. Clamined sure, but never demonstrated. Since I'm looking to do a TII swap in my cabrio this would be worth knowing. I haven't gotten my REPU's engine apart just yet, I'm hoping the rotor housings are in good enough shape to rebuild. If not I'll be thinking about a rebuild there too.

Obviously it would be nice to know how he's managing 30MPG with that sort of arrangment.


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