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I'm hopin' that some of you have solved this problem, or can give some clever idea's.
This time of year when driving in snow, rain, fog, and temps around 28 - 36, one or both of the carb venturi's will ice up so bad, the engine won't idle. Carb icing has been a common problem with every non-F.I. rotary, however Mazda solved the problem by wrapping the thermal reactor with a cover and sucking warm air with that heat tube.
My problem is that I have headers on my REPU, I still have the heat tube and plate in place, but it doesn't appear I'm getting enough warm air off the headers keep the venturi's from freezing up.
Anybody know how they keep ice out of aircraft carbs?
I've been thinking of rigging up some sort of heating element above the throats, but I don't want to torch up my engine either.


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