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You can do this with the carb still on the engine. (I did mine 2 days ago). After you get the air cleaner and vacuum hoses off, unbolt the choke heater unit and take off the choke/throttle connecting rod. Then undo the throttle/accl. pump rod (don't loose the little washers).
Now you can undo the screws holding down the top of the carb air horn. Don't forget the center air cleaner hold down bolt. And carefully tap loose the top plate of the carb. As you pull it up, the floats will come with, probably part-of or all of the gasket, and the accl. pump plunger will want to catch in the bore as it all comes out. Go slow and try to get a rag underneath. It's real easy for the float hinge pins to fall out, and the floats to fall off. If you pull it up in a hurry, it'll all go flying.
Use a rag or something to sop up the gas in the float bowls, next look down the accl pump bore and you'll see a long spring, a hold-down plate, and a small plastic check-ball at the very bottom. Don't lose this stuff.
You should take this time to squirt carb cleaner thru all the passages. However, you'll probably find the rubber plunger is disintegrating, and gas is bypassing. Oddly enough, I've found several repair kits for these carbs in parts stores, and I think you could take the accl pump parts in and match 'em up with Courier parts.
Let me know how it goes.


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