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Hey Tom,

If you've got the 6 port in you '74 then you should be able to just buy the appropriate radiator from radiator.com or some place. Honestly it'll probably be a lot easier to fabricate your own mounting arrangments than to find a radiator to match the stock mounting points.

I *DID* see a REPU radiator on ebay (still in mazda box) but the guy had started the bidding at 350.00. It ended on the 23rd with no bids (surprise surprise). Here's the link. Maybe you can work a deal with the guy who knows. If I were a restoration maniac I could see it being worth the money but wow. Anyway here's the link:


I'd hit it soon, I don't know how long Ebay archives the completed item pages. The username was
in case you miss hte auction page. You can prob email him thru ebay's little system.

If you've got the 6 port in there and 'originality' isn't really an issue I'd just go with what works. Any decent quality radiator with the right capacity should work. I just bought a solid brass replacement (I hate those damned plastic end tanks) for my '91 cabrio from radiator.com for 145 bucks. There appears to be enough room to put in a high-end all-aluminum jobber too, and you could do that for hte same money as this original repu radiator that was for sale. Worse comes to worse you can take it some place and have them rebuild it. Probably run you about the same as the REPU radiator or a high-end aluminum Koyo or Griffin.

Good luck with it and let us know how it goes.


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