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OH man thats funny! When I pull Parts to pick up later, I hide them in the trunk of some car in the Domestic Cars section far away from the car I took it from. When I read your post about finding the t2 tranny, I told myself I will start goin to a junkyard a week and just alternate between a few located around me, Santa Fe Springs, Willmington, somwehere off of the 210. I will also post anything of interest that I find. I have come across 2 rx3's, 1 rx2, and a rx4 wagon at the Santa Fe Springs ecology. I was too late though and all the good stuff was gone. I just got the emblems :) I have come across 2 repu's at the Santa Fe Springs yard a few years ago. One of them I got the radiator and oil cooler out of. The other, I got the emblem off of the grill. The radiator was super clean and the oil cooler they threw in for free. That would be great if you could post if you see a t2 tranny anywhere. I would also like the driveshaft as this will be used for a 13bt into a datsun 510 conversion.


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