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The time has come when I am finally going to put a free flowing exhaust on my REPU that will at least be as loud as my Weber :)
Currently I have whatever the cheapest thing Muffler Masters could give me a year ago. I am going to get a cat welded into that to pass emissions and then start my upgrades.
So far I just have the Racing Beat 2" header/collector. I am thinking of getting the Edelbrock RPM series muffler and that is as far as I have gone so far. It is $95 and I am trying to do this on a bit of a budget. I don't know what diameter to go with, should I go from the 2" collector to 2.5" or larger? I Figure I should also get some sort of pre-silencer or resonator so I can stand to drive it more than 5 minutes, any suggestions there?


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