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Okay, I just got my '74 and am trying to figure out what to do to get him running. He's still at the yard where I bought him because I couldn't drive him home. Here's the scenario:
 We tried to get him started, knowing he hasn't been driven in a while. So as I crank it, nothing happens. Greg got a spot of gas and poured it down the carb, cuz I suspect it isn't getting any fuel. That worked, but as soon as he stps feeding the carb, it dies again. We check to make sure fuel is coming into the lines. Weird: when I'm crankin it, fuel dribbles, but stops when he's running. We go thru this for about 10 minutes., but never get him to stay running.

My thoughts: to start with replacing the fuel filter and making sure the fuel lines are okay.

I can't even find the fuel pump/fuel filter/fuel strainer for a '74 at a parts store, but I can order a pump for a '75 (doesn't make sense, unless they are two totally different pumps, which wouldn't make sense either).
I went to the dealer to try to see if they could get the parts, but they couldn't find their catalogs to even lookup parts for "such and OLD truck"....lol...


*Has anyone had a similiar experience or have any advice? I have quite a bit of experience working on old carbureted engines, as I have had several classics in the past, but don't know of any frailties this truck/engine may have.

*Is there a good resource for parts for these guys?

Thanks in advance!


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