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You know its really weird...

I picked up a copy of SCC three months ago cause they had an article about their project FD (they shake-and-baked the o-rings) and it was actually a pretty interesting article if not overly technical is still gave a pretty decent view of raotary internals how htey work (and how they don't! :) for the novice.

I bought the next months issue thinking they'd finish up the feature (doing a monster rebuild and single turbo conversion) but nothing. I guess they like to build supsense or SOMEthing :) Anyway, that issue had an AWESOME article about Lincoln Electric's welding school up in Ohio. Somehting I knew nothing about but now plan to attend. Also there was a decent article about how to cut time off your drag runs through good habits and whatnot. And to top it off a great writup on the SWEETEST -73 rx-3 I think I've ever seen.

This month (The Z issue) they feature a nice FD that's working its way down from 12s to 9s (not impossible, but optimistic). PLUS that article about the REPU and 7s. Always a lot of good tuning info for boosters and non-boosters alike. Brakes, exhaust, etc. Stuff common to all performance cars.

I went from dismissing it as a 'Ricer-rag' to putting it second to GRMS on my favourite mags list. I only mention any of this cause it was such a shock to me that it was as good as it is, esp. after seeing stuff like "Superstreet" and "Turbo" magazine out there.

You may not find REPU stuff in there every month but there's decent rotary content, and other stuff that matters if you're into any of hte RX's too.

[quote]So i got a surprise today. I was in Barnes and Noble looking at magazines and picked up "Sport Compact Car". Normally i don't read it, but it had the Nissan 350Z on the cover. After reading about the Nissan, i was happy to see and article on a 3rd gen RX7....then to my amazement, there was another article that mentioned the Rotary Pickup, and had pics of RX4 and 1st Gen Rx7!!!!!!!![/quote]


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