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The Amsoil synthetic covers the requirements of both--and does an excellent job without any other additives! I'm fairly certain you could get similarly stellar results from Redline or another high-grade synthetic... Warm it all up to make it fluid by driving her around a bit, then drain from the drain plugs in their respective lower locations. When all is empty, clean those drain plugs& threads, and plug 'em back up. The color/smell/consistency and metal content of the drained fluid will tell you lots. Find the fill plugs located approx. halfway up the side of the housing in question, and proceed to pump in gear lube until it comes out of the fill hole. This is the appropriate fill level, if your REPU is parked/blocked up level; this is kinda important... Plug 'em back up, and you're done! Actual volume may be deceptively small/little. Do not be alarmed! Overfilling more than a tiny bit is not so good, either.
If your trans. is less than perfect, try the Amsoil--you'll be amazed what happens as you drive it more and more! :)


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