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My Cosmo's alt was acting funny so I upgraded to a 50amp RX-7 unit. So it has less amp capacity than before. At least it now has an internal regulator, can be replaced at any auto parts store, and is ideal for my electronic ignition upgrade (no voltage sag). If I get a 20B with alt included, I'll be using it. I think it's like 70 or 90amps.

By the way, I installed a 55amp 84+ (small style) alt in my REPU recently. It works pretty good, even after the T shaped connector fell out (it's the kind without a clip since my original was too short and I needed an extension cord. I took a picture of it which needs to be developed etc). I was driving with a one wire alt at night and it did ok! To make it go into charge mode after starting the engine, all I had to do was rev it up a little to 'close' the circuit. That was it (I could tell it was working when my headlights would suddenly go full-bright). My friend's VW gen to alt conversion unit is sorta this. I have no idea if I damaged my 55amp alt or put any unknown stress on it. Only time will tell, but so far so good.


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