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[b]The grille is a silver grey, or argent color. The headlight bezels are a darker shade of silver grey.

Sems has some decent spray bomb paints that are a pretty close match to the original colors. A good automotive paint supply house should have Sems paints.

BTW, if there was no T-stat in the motor, you would probably have an [i]overheating[/i] problem. Mazda roaries use a by-pass type t-stat, that when remmoved, will allow quite a bit of water to bypass the radiator, and recirculate in the engine. When you remove the t-stat in a full race application, you must plug the by-pass hole in the water pump housing by either welding a piece in the housing, or tapping the hole and installing a pipe plug in the housing.

FWIW, my 75 automatic runs at about 190-195 on the Stewart Warner water temp gauge, winter or summer. It's equipped with air conditioning, and an auxiliary tranny cooler in front of the radiator. [/b]


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