[REPU] Mazda needs a REPU for Tokyo Autoshow

From: D.A. Mazzella (dan@rotarynews.com)
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 10:45:36 PST

Mazda Japan is looking for a show-condition REPU to exhibit in the Tokyo
Commercial Vehicle Show. This is the email I received from the show
planner in Japan:

We are now looking for RE Pick-up truck.

Purpose is to exhibit the vehicle at Tokyo Commarcial Vehicle Historic
Car show. We thought it may be good chance to recoginize rotary engine
history back to the peoples mind even at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

Unfortunately we haven't got any show condition vehicle in
Japan. Do you know any truck or truck owner who can lent the RE pick up
to our show?

Tokyo Commercial Vehicle Show will be held at October 29th to November 3rd.

 From budget point of view, we would like to ship it over sea, so the
vehicle needs to ship out mid September, and return to US before Christmas.

We may invite the owner to show and MC for his return if he

If you are interested, and can live with-out your show-condition REPU
for 3 months at the end of the year, please contact me!!

Sorry if you got this message before on the "forum" (
http://www.mazdarepu.com/board/viewthread.php3?FID=1&TID=127 ) I'm email
it to the repulist, since there are some people on here that aren't on
the forum.... If you know someone that doesn't have internet access,
but has a very good condition REPU, pass the message along...


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