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Thread: Lucky" REPU" Owner

Revvin Up
Posts: 97
posted December 26, 2002 09:08 AM

Lucky" REPU" Owner

Hello,All REPU lovers.I am one of the rare europe members here at the forum and i am also a lucky guy to have purchase one of Mazdaīs nicest pickup,you know!! The "REPU"!!!.For about tree years ago i notice that Mazda had make a Rotary Pickup,and i start to look after one at the Int.net.I found some of this pickups for sale over there in the states,but it is expensive to shipp it over to europe and i tryed to forget all about it.One day i was looking at the adds on swedish rotary register and oooops!!!HEY WHAT IS THIS!!!
Yes there was a add says: Mazda "REPU" for sale.At first i didīnt beleave my eyes,but there it was.My chance to be a "REPU"-owner,had become a reality.So i made contact with the seller and after two weeks iīve become a "REPU"-Owner.I have own a Mazda 1800 pickup for a long time ago.And i can see that the REPU has simular parts as the brother piston pickup.The REPU is a 1974 year model and the orginal color was grass green, now itīs blue and silver.The repu was inported to sweden from San pueblo in 1976.There is some parts missing on my little repu,so i hope to get some help from all who can help me, with some special parts in the future.I have been told that this REPU is the only one here around so find parts is practically impossible in hole europe.I might send some pics later on my"REPU".My repu have a item that i think is a factory equipment,itīs a sun visor abowe the front window and itīs seems to be made for these pickups,someone might know something about this visors???

Iīl BE BACK!!!
Lasse and the "REPU"
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Posts: 319
posted December 30, 2002 09:09 PM

Thats cool how early it made it over to Europe. I bet they are scatterd all over the globe by now.
I have a friend of mine who has a REPU he got from a guy who was stationed in Japan by the U.S. Military during the mid 70's. He bought the truck here from a local Mazda dealer and took delivery of it outside of the factory in Japan where it was made. He also drove it around Japan for the rest of his duty with his U.S. military base tag.
He of course brought it home when he left.

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Posts: 104
posted January 13, 2003 07:44 PM

My truck's similar story..

Although my truck is not even close to original,I have all the paperwork from when it was bought new in Guam.I also have the paperwork showing when the truck was shipped to the US.The original owner was stationed at a base there.
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