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Index > Body Exterior > Thread: Rust under windshield
Thread: Rust under windshield

Posts: 134
posted February 09, 2003 10:55 AM

Rust under windshield

Has anyone repaired the rust under the windshield on the driver side? I don't do body work and a local shop says about $1,100. Says to remove the glass and patch in a new piece of metal. The rust isn't really that big a spot. I thought maybe some grinding and lead filler or brazing to fill in. Gotta take that welding class!

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Posts: 235
posted February 09, 2003 06:14 PM

Just take that welding class, You would be able to repair it fairly easy, or take a bodyshop class. I took both and realized I really only needed the Body Class cause we learned welding in there too..

You should be able to get a piece for that part of your truck from a Ford Courier.. Good Luck with it..

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Posts: 1259
posted February 09, 2003 08:41 PM

$1100 sounds high...

You might be able to find a better deal on doing the whole truck, relative to spending that much for just that repair, if you shop around...and do as much prep/reassembly yourself as possible.

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Orlando, Florida
Posts: 424
posted February 11, 2003 12:03 PM

Fibreglass may be an option...

If you're leary about welding and its a small section you may be able to fibreglass it.

I just got acclimated to gas welding, and need to pick up a 110 MIG welder here pretty soon and get some hours on that. Just too useful a skill to overlook.

But many of the little dime/quarter sized holes in my body are glassing over nicely.

Orlando, Florida


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1st Gear
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Posts: 41
posted February 13, 2003 07:02 PM
Edited By: dodge48 on 13 Feb 2003 19:12

ive delt with rust around windshields before. mainly at the top, go figure. i have found replacing the cab can be better if cab is at the right cost. it can be hard to repair around a window and get a good seal after you do the repair if you dont know what you are doing. If its a small portion go for welding if you can do it. if its large id just swap the cab. after you fix it you have to buy new rubber and possibley a new windshield if your old one is mest up. it all depends on your skill, and like i said if a cab is easily attained. (like a ford courier, plenty of em.) one might be able to get a cab for 100 bucks from a junkyard , where as a repair might cost 300 -500 if you do it yourself and get a new windsheild.
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