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Index > Body Exterior > Thread: spare tire stuck
Thread: spare tire stuck

Posts: 2
posted October 03, 2010 07:04 PM

spare tire stuck

Due to family illness my '77 has been used way too little in recent years. May finally have a chance to drive it more again, so it was time for new tires.

But the spare tire assembly won't budge. Have drenched all reachable moving parts in WD-40 (old tire will not be remounted) and tapping gently, so far without success.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Posts: 1671
posted October 03, 2010 10:58 PM

Kroil is the best at loosening frozen metal parts.


I've found for bolts, using the impact wrench loosens rust frozen parts better than by hand. The shock of hammering it really gets it moving.

You might try heating it with a propane torch first. Then Kroil.

Glad to hear another repu getting on the road. Welcome to the forum!
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Posts: 178
posted October 04, 2010 06:27 AM


remember to push in on the spare tire handle before turning.... if that is your problem ... that it will not lower

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Posts: 1877
posted October 04, 2010 09:45 AM

Definitely can second both Brad and Hunter on the above -- Kroil is *the* stuff; I used it on my stuck spare mechanism, prior to finally being able to successfully get it to function with the proper push/turn/release method on the handle.

Suggest a trip to your local toy/hobby/model shop -- they may have an inexpensive little applicator nozzle with a long, very small diameter tip that'll fit the Kroil can. That will allow you to use only as much of the Kroil as needed, (which isn't much!), as well as allowing you to apply it in many hard-to-reach locations... like overhead.

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Posts: 7
posted October 07, 2010 06:16 AM

I have done a lot of research on penetrating oils and the best by far is a home made brew 1 part acetone and 1 part ATF will out preform liquid wrench, PB Blaster, Kroil try it you will love the results

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Posts: 2
posted October 07, 2010 08:31 PM

new, better problem, now what?

Spare released normally the next morning. Late thanks to all who posted. Two days ago we had baseball-size hail in AZ, been busy dealing with damage. Got truck garaged just in time. Roof will be way easier to repair than a hail-damaged REPU would!

Keeping all your lube suggestions for future reference.

Now the new tire is mounted, chain and roller clean/oiled, but cannot figure out how to get the chain to lock once the tire is snug against the frame. Nothing looks broke or feels rough. This vehicle's been great about not getting flats (the last one I recall was in the '80s) so probably I'm forgetting something very basic, like Hunter's reminder to push the crank in. Right?

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