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Index > Engine/Drivetrain > Thread: Clutch questions
Thread: Clutch questions

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posted October 23, 2013 04:58 AM

Clutch questions

Hey guys,

I have owned my truck for over 10 years now, and just recently it seems the clutch is slipping under moderate to heavy acceleration. I am think I will replace it this fall/winter/spring, but I have a few questions. I know I will get my answer by removing the transmission, but thought I would pick some brains first. The truck has a 79-80 RX-7 5-speed in it, and a 4-port 13B in it. The engine is a newer rebuilt unit from the previous owner who said it was ported. It appears to be made with more modern maybe GSL-SE housings, and 12A plates, but I truly don't know. I also don't know what flywheel it has on it, but my guess is eaither the GSL-SE flywheel or a stock REPU unit if that would work. I know the flywheel feels heavy to me when driving it. Either way, do you guys think I have the 215mm clutch? Would you recommend a stock clucth assembly, or a more aggresive unit? I don't want a crazy clutch, but maybe a bit better than stock would be good with the extra power from the engine. Also I have a 77 rib-case 5-speed as a spare transmission. Would it be worth my effort to put it in the truck as a better option than the not so strong 79-80 RX-7 transmission? If I go that route I will most likley need the 215mm clutch, correct, or is this all dependent on the size/weight of the flywheel? Any major differences in the gear ratios of the 79-80 RX-7 trans, compared to this 77 RX-3SP rib-case 5-speed?


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