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Index > Non REPU Rotary Trucks > Thread: dumb questions
Thread: dumb questions

1st Gear
Posts: 26
posted June 22, 2004 01:20 PM

dumb questions

sorry but i'm lost when you guys write these codes like fb fd 13be... i'm not new the mechanicing but am new to rotaries please help me out thanks
Hello. My name is Dale and I'm a Rotaryaholic

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Posts: 444
posted June 22, 2004 05:56 PM


SA = 1st gen RX-7 78-83
FB = 1st gen RX-7 84-85
FC = 2nd gen RX-7 86-91
FD = 3rd gen RX-7 92+
FE = RX-8

Also FC = FC3s
And FD = FD3s

13B = Engine code for a 1.3 L Rotary
12A = 1.1 L Rotary

FC T][ = T2 = 2nd gen Turbo Engine

13B-REW = 3rd gen Twin Turbo Engine

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Posts: 108
posted June 23, 2004 08:29 PM

don't worry about feeling stupid for the longest time when people talked about 88 NAs I always wondered what was "not applicable" about them..... then asked and found out it meant Naturally Aspirated

was stupid once and still am sometimes

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Posts: 423
posted June 24, 2004 09:57 AM
Edited By: kansei on 24 Jun 2004 10:05

Sorry, Dan not nitpicking....

...or trying to be an ass, but since we have a newbie to rotaries, I thought I better clear up the first gen info, which I'm sure was an accident, just typing too fast.

SA- 1st gen RX-7 '79 & '80 model years (yes, '78 was a production year). Also referred to as Series I.

FB- 1st gen RX-7 '81-'85 model years. Covered Series II cars (1981-'83) and Series III cars (1984 & '85).

Series IV was '86-'88 FCs.

Series V was '89-'91 FCs.

Series VI was '93-'95 FDs (there was no true '92 RX-7 model).

Series VII was '96-'99(?) (I have heard they stopped referring to FDs as "Series" cars in 1999, but am not certain) FDs.

Another note- you might hear people not only referring to 13B-REW engines, but just a 13B-RE. The difference is the REW (for some reason, "W" is supposed to stand for "Double-Turbo") came in the RX-7s (3rd gen FDs), and the "RE" engine came in the JC Cosmo (never came to the States), along with the optional 20B 3-rotor that alot of people seem to want. Very common to swap a 20B into a 3rd gen RX-7. The 13B-RE is also a twin sequential turbo engine, but the "W" was left off to distinguish the two. The Cosmo twin turbo engine is a bit different than the REW, though not in displacement. You may also need to know that the 13B-REW engine came in three flavors- a 255bhp, 265bhp and 280bhp model. Only the 255bhp engine ever came to the U.S. There's tons more info (as we all know), but this junk pertains to the previous post.
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1st Gear
Posts: 26
posted June 24, 2004 03:27 PM


for the info i learn new stuff every day, which is good i think. anyone know of someone who wants a 86 honda (whichh stands for Hold On Not Done Accelerating). i'd be willing to trade for a 12a and 5spd for my truck( 79 courier) or sell it for 600. it's a project that i've lost intrest in and have not finnished. includes two motor. one runns other threw timing belt.
Hello. My name is Dale and I'm a Rotaryaholic

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Posts: 2
posted May 27, 2005 10:42 PM


PA = REPU, but is the standard B-series the same chassis code? I'm working on some general Mazda research.

Excellent site, by the way. You guys really know your stuff about the REPU and rotaries in general.

I'm a mod over at MazdaWorld.org - your knowledge would be useful anytime you're willing. We're mostly piston-powered over there at the moment, but there's a few committed rotary people (aren't there always?).

I'll keep in touch here - things like the list of color codes, etc. are really nice to have documented.
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