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Index > Auctions (Ebay, Yahoo, etc) > Thread: 1974 Mazda Rotary pick-up parts for sale CALL MIKE (954)-868-7399
Thread: 1974 Mazda Rotary pick-up parts for sale CALL MIKE (954)-868-7399

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posted April 14, 2005 05:15 PM

1974 Mazda Rotary pick-up parts for sale CALL MIKE (954)-868-7399

New Parts:

Weather Strip 0603-58-901B
Weather Strip 0603-59-901B
Weather Strip 2541-53-902
Weather Strip 0603-53-912
Moulding 2541-54-991
Moulding 2541-53-992
Moulding 2541-54-992
Headlight and Wiper Switch Assembly 3514-66-120
Hood 1854-52-010B
Chrome Mounding for Hood 1854-50-551

Used Parts:

1975 Mazda Rotary P/U Workshop Manual
Instrument Cluster
Headlight Assembly Complete L&R
Headlight Trim
Grille Complete
Rear Lights (3)
Marker Lights Red & Amber (4)
Radiator &Overflow Bottle
Windsheild Washer Bottle
Wiper Motor
Coils & Ballast Resistors
Fan & Shroud
Wiper Arms & Blades
Starter Motor
Complete 13B Motor With Oil Cooler, Carb. & Air Cleaner, & Altenator, Flywheel, Clutch & Pressure Plate Other Msc. Parts
13B Dry-Sump Front Cover & External Hillbourne Mechanical Fuel Injection

CALL MIKE: (954)-868-7399
Fax: (772)-785-8244

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Posts: 356
posted April 14, 2005 07:48 PM

Prices would be nice..
74 REPU "Red"
74 REPU "Jethro" "TII"
74 RE-Courier vert
79 SA-SE(aka deathtrap)
79 SA-SE-FC (project
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Posts: 1672
posted April 15, 2005 01:45 PM

how much

for headlight / wiper switch

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Posts: 1877
posted April 15, 2005 03:48 PM

I think he wants us to phone or fax him...

...I sure wish I had some dough to spend!

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Posts: 3
posted April 15, 2005 06:17 PM

you got to call my uncle (Mike) because i dont really know the prices. so just call him for what you want.

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Revvin Up
Posts: 82
posted December 30, 2006 02:59 PM

parts for sale

Do you still any parts avaliable for sale?

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Posts: 239
posted January 04, 2007 08:21 PM

Ditto that..

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posted January 05, 2007 08:02 AM

please just call my uncle and dont ask online, he will tell you.


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Posts: 2
posted November 13, 2015 12:56 PM

1975 Mazda REPU parts for sale- 4 spd,driveshaft,new clutch disc,etc.

Hey everyone, glad to be posting finally. I own a '75 REPU with a crazy Bridgeport 13B 4-Port(Big Port)with the HOLLEY INTAKE AND 600 CFM CARB. Intake was also extensively ported and matched. Road Race Header. full 3.5" exhaust, 14" standard round Summit Air Cleaner with a
If any of you guys are interested in buying certain "hard-to-find" items. Here is the list and negotiable prices:
#1.OEM 4-Speed transmission with the ribbed-case on the bell housing, and the OEM drive-shaft. I'm asking $350( about average for junk transmissions, and this is fully operational). I took it out for 5-speed transplant. I've got everything from from extra electronic ignition modules( 2-wire style-on side of distributor), to extra coils, both electronic and for the old points style distributors. Just inquire what you want or are interested in at: carmodmaster@gmail.com : Scott Stewart Haight / Stewart Performance Ltd.

Scott Haight

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