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Index > @ the Pickup Bed (General Topics) > Thread: Ford Courier folks welcome here?
Thread: Ford Courier folks welcome here?

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posted July 13, 2005 08:03 AM

Ford Courier folks welcome here?

I have a 1982 Ford Courier, however, it is not rotary. I can't really find a Ford Courier enthusiast site online. This seems to be the closest thing. I am looking for a 1972 Ford Courier or 1972 Mazda B1600 and I am interested in those trucks.

Is it possible that who ever owns this site can create a section called

ALL FORD COURIER (1972-1982)

I really do think there is a need for a site specializing in 1972-1982 Ford Couriers. (U.S. market)

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Posts: 444
posted July 13, 2005 09:08 AM

We do have made a Non-Repu section already... and I feel your pain, but don't really want to get in the business of being a small-pickup/mini pickup site. I think our trucks are even more rare, so it is nice to have a site that is almost all to ourselves :)

There is a yahoo group of Courier owners: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/COURIERBLUES/

Or if someone was enterprising enough, but didn't want to spend money, they could open their own forum at http://invisionfree.com/ ... For a few dollars, they could then register a domain name, and point to that server...

We could link to any sites that are created...
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posted July 13, 2005 09:59 AM


...also allows you to create a free group, or groups, of your choosing... which is what I did for an additional/alternate place to post pics, etc., for the REPU-centric universe... :)

...then there's myspace.com ...

...you also might wish to take advantage of the space available to you in the 'about me' page you can get at Ebay or Ebaymotors, for all your auction needs...

...and ipowerweb.com offers THE bargain for any available domain names/web hosting, should you decide to go that route!

Keep on Truckin' !

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