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Thread: Online Registration Begins!

1st Gear
Posts: 45
posted December 11, 2004 04:42 PM

Online Registration Begins!

Indianapolis, IN- Online registration for Rotary Revolution 2005 has begun and will run through March 15th, 2005.

In 2005 rotary club members will receive rates matching those from 2004! We are also offering special club parking areas so each attending clubs members may park their rotary vehicles together in a designated spot.

Please check with your local club president to make sure they have contacted us so you may receive these rates.

If you are not part of a local rotary club, please send us an email and we will help you locate the nearest rotary club in your area. Or we will help you with guidelines on starting your own local rotary community. Please send an email to: MichRX7@rx7revolution.com



The Rotary Challenge
The word is out, the challenge has been laid down and the local Indianapolis Piston-Pounders are lining up to take on North America's Fastest Rotary Vehicles. The Rotary Challenge debuts Friday night, April 22nd, 2005. Heads-up drag racing will take place from 8:00 - Midnight, and the rotary vehicles get the right-hand lane all to themselves to blow some flames on the hoods of the locals.

The Rotary Review - Sponsored by RX Tuner Magazine
Polish up those engine bays, shine up those paint jobs, and make sure those after-market parts are bolted on tight. In 2005 the Rotary Revolution debuts it's first Rotary Review car show voted on by this year's registered attendees. There will be one overall winner in each category. The winners will evenly split the Rotary Review Registration Fees. Other prizes will be announced on this website and awarded to the top three vehicles in each category.

ON SUNDAY the winning vehicle in each category will have a photo session with RX Tuner Magazine and our attendee-voted Spokesmodels to be featured in an upcoming issue of RX Tuner.

Rotary Revolution 2005 Spokesmodel Search
We are currently taking applications for spokesmodels at the 2005 event. Each spokesmodel chosen will be assigned to our sponsors exhibit areas and will rotate between sponsors throughout the day. You as an attendee will be responsible for voting for your favorite spokesmodel who could win a chance to be featured with the winning Rotary Review vehicles. At the end of the event your votes will choose which spokesmodel represents the Rotary Revolution through 2006!

A Second Autocross Track!
In 2005 you'll have to make a decision or two while at the track. Do I challenge myself through the twists and turns of autocross track one, or do I put the pedal to the metal on autocross track two. It's your choice, they're both being timed to see which vehicles can make the top runs and reign as champ until Rotary Revolution 2006.

All New Audio-Visual Tent
Feeling the need to give your vehicle a break? A bit tired after your 10th run on the dragstrip? Then come in and enjoy our all new audio/visual tent providing multiple screens of your favorite rotary powered happenings over the past 20+ years.

And if that's not enough for you we've brought back all the things you've loved from the previous two years: Seminars, Drag Racing, Autocross, the Road Course, Steve Kan Tuning, and we've also completely revamped our sponsor exhibit area to surround our seminar, audio/visual, and reception tents. Are we stopping there? No way, we've got plenty more to add to 2005!

Last year we saw 250+ rotary vehicles pass through the gates at IRP. In 2005 we're preparing for well over 350.

So don't wait, register online today to receive our discounted rates. Registration will end on March 15th, 2005 so that we can mail out all new registration packets so that those who registered pre-event will get express access when they arrive at the track.

Join the Revolution!

        Click here to visit MichRX7's homepage. 
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